AT&T U-verse Packages: The real competitor to cable packages?

AT&T's U-verse service is now available in many parts of the United States. After a slow initial roll-out AT&T is coming on strong with a variety of unique features and some great deals for customers who are looking for a video, telephone, Internet and cellular quad play all on one bill or for individual services. Learn more about money saving AT&T U-verse Bundles here!

AT&T Internet

AT&T Internet service offers several different choices of speed packages and prices. Unlike cable Internet U-verse offers dedicated bandwidth. Some cable providers advertise very high speeds but customers frequently find they are unable to actually obtain these fast speeds throughout the day. U-verse is able to deliver more constant speeds.

Another interesting feature AT&T includes with U-verse is the ability to log into AT&T's nation wide network of thousands of wifi hot spots located all over the United States including many Starbucks locations. Unlike many cable providers AT&T also offers a wireless router to easily connect multiple computers to the Internet and protect your local network from Internet attacks.

AT&T U-verse TV

U-verse offers all your favorite HD channels plus some really innovative features most cable or satellite providers cannot offer. This includes the Total Home DVR feature connecting all your TVs together to record and watch saved programs easily. How does it work? You could start watching DVR recording in your living room, stop it, and continue watching from your bedroom. Find details about the current AT&T U-verse TV Packages here.

Another innovative feature is AT&T's Multiview technology that allows you to watch multiple channels at once. This is perfect for the sports fan who wants to keep an eye on all the best games. Complimenting this feature is availability of the ESPN GamePlan and ESPN FULL COURT sports packages. Another feature that stands out from the competition is AT&T's Web and Mobile Remote Access.

This allows you to login and schedule recordings online. AT&T also offers an iPhone application to schedule recordings. Finally there is the AT&T U-Bar which brings interactive applications to your TV including weather, sports, stocks and traffic updates with more applications on the way.

AT&T Voice Service

AT&T's Phone service offers traditional and reliable landline service and may also be combined with cellular services for potentially big savings. Like the rest of the U-verse service AT&T offers a variety of innovative features for voice including a Do Not Disturb option to silence unwanted calls, the Locate Me function which can forward calls automatically so you never miss an important call, Caller ID blocking and the ability to integrate your AT&T wireless voicemail with your U-verse voicemail. These features can all be managed through AT&T's U-verse portal for easy setup.

AT&T's Phone service continues to impress with these innovative features. Most importantly you don't have to pay a premium to get them. AT&T offers the best value for features, pricing and selection. If you've been a long time cable or satellite subscriber it's time to give AT&T's U-verse service a serious look. Why pay more for less with cable or satellite? AT&T is delivering the next generation of TV, Internet and voice services today all on one bill.