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AT&T U-verse has taken high speed internet, digital TV and digital home phone service to the next level and beyond. For television, internet and voice it has more features for a much better media experience. The internet and TV services work together through the Residential Gateway. U-verse is the only 100% Internet Protocol-based television (IPTV) service offered on a national level.

This makes it the most feature rich and dynamic service today. It connects to the computers for high speed internet and to up to 4 TVs in the home. It also connects to network printers, Wi-Fi cameras, storage devices and more and this is just the basic U-verse service.

AT&T Bundle SavingsFor TV it uses fiber optic technology and computer networking to give a crystal-clear picture, access to over 130 HD channels, more than cable, video on demand as well as total home DVR with interactive features. It has a multiview channel browser and can record four shows at the same time. It will work on any TV in the house if it has a U-verse receiver.


Even play different shows on different TVs at the same time. Weather, stocks, sports and late night comedy can be viewed at the same time. This is just the beginning for televisions; U-verse does so much more including video on demand. The DVR can be programmed remotely from a computer or wireless phone for people who don’t make it home in time to record the game or show.

Based on AT&T’s advanced digital network is the U-verse High Speed Internet. It has powerful security features as well as many download speeds up to 24mbps. It offers a wireless router and wireless home networking, unlimited email storage and unlimited access to the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network. The online protection blocks viruses, adware, spyware, pop-up ads and junk mail. There are also parental controls for young children and wireless home networking built in. There are different plans to suit individual or family needs.

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The phone service is also just as amazing. For less cost than an ordinary phone there are more features and options. For example, no answer call forwarding to never miss a call, call screening to choose which calls to take as well as click to call. For added security, where available, U-verse customers’ address and phone numbers are automatically given to 911 if an emergency call is made.

Missed and answered calls and caller ID are displayed on the TV screen and with a click of the remote the call can be returned. All of this can be controlled online because it is web-based through the U-verse. It is also possible to connect a home alarm system to the U-verse Voice services.

AT&T U-verse is still not available in all areas of the US. The AT&T website shows where it is available now and where it will be available in the near future. It is definitely worth the wait. Rather than dealing with overpriced cable costs as well as separate DSL and phone charges the U-verse gives a hassle-free life. AT&T U-verse offers so many more features, all on one bill, for much less cost than the others combined. Please call or use the online form to see if AT&T UVerse Bundles are available in your area.