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Amy Schumer is an American comedian best known for outlandish and unapologetic sense of humor and her sharp delivery of her comedic standup routines. She stars and writes for the comedy sketch series Inside Amy Schumer, which is based loosely on real life events surrounding the comedian. She was second on Comedy Central’s Reality Bites Back and placed 4th on the fifth season of Last Comic Standing, both of which are reality television series that test the gusto and wit of hopeful stand-up comedians while serving to offer airtime to those who make the final cuts. Most recently, Schumer both wrote and starred in the 2015 romantic comedy film Trainwreck.

Before Stand-Up

Amy Schumer was born in Manhattan, New York in 1981. Her parents owned a successful baby furniture store, which led to Schumer living a relatively comfortable life for several years. At a young age, her family filed for bankruptcy, her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and, three years later, her parents divorced.

Schumer would go on to graduate from South Side High School in 1999, most memorable for being both the class clown and voted for as “Teacher’s Worst Nightmare” by her peers. She would later graduate from Towson University in 2003 with a degree in theater, and then go on to study at the William Esper Studio for two years while working as a bartender and waitress.

The Unapologetic Comedian

Schumer’s career as a comedian began in June of 2004, when she first performed at the Gotham Comedy Club, an amazingly popular stand-up venue in New York City that has served an extensive list of famous stand-up comedians over the years. She appeared on the second season of Live at Gotham, which premiered in mid-2007. The comedian would perform after Ryan Hamilton and Jonah Ray. She considered episode she recorded for the Comedy Central network as her big break, and attributes much of her early success as a stand-up comedian to her debut on Live at Gotham.

In 2007, Schumer auditioned for the NBC competitive reality television series Last Comic Standing, which pits numerous stand-up comedians audition for the chance to win a cash prize, and a television special. Although Schumer didn’t win the competition, she advanced to the finals where she finished fourth. A few years later, the comedian spoke of her experience on the show, saying, “Last Comic was totally fun. I had a great time because there was no pressure on me; I had been doing stand-up around two years. I wasn't supposed to do well. So every time I advanced it was a happy surprise. I kept it honest on the show and it served me well.”  

Schumer’s honest approach to comedy is one of the more common aspects of her stand-up routines. Her unabashed broaching of typically socially taboo topics (especially sex and awkward intrapersonal behaviors) serves as a refreshing break from some of the more worn comedic approaches.

In 2008, Schumer appeared on the Comedy Central reality television series Reality Bites Back. The series parodies other formats for reality television, while simultaneously creating a competitive atmosphere for stand-up comedians. These comedians participate in the spoofing of other reality television formats. Following other competitive reality shows, at the end of the week, one contestant is eliminated. The winner is named “Lord of All Reality” and receives a hefty cash prize at the season’s conclusion.

Following her stint as co-host for the Fuse network talk show Hoppus on Music (formerly A Different Spin with Mark Hoppus), Schumer received her first Comedy Central special. The 30-minute special aired on April 2nd 2010 and features the comedian speaking humorously on how to use Facebook and how not to wind up making out with homeless men. She speaks candidly about such topics as baby safety (specifically why having a baby and being both drunk and hungry are bad combinations) and being a blackout drunk herself, all delivered with a straightforward, unapologetic openness that has become a staple of Schumer’s comedic presence. In regards to her personal style of comedy, Schumer said, “I don't like the observational stuff. I like tackling the stuff nobody else talks about, like the darkest, most serious thing about yourself. I talk about life and sex and personal stories and stuff everybody can relate to, and some can't.”

Inside Amy Schumer

Schumer’s career as a comedian began to expand in the years following her Comedy Central special. She appeared in three successful independent comedic films: Price Check, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World and Sleepwalk with Me. She appeared as a roaster on two separate Comedy Central Roasts—in 2011 for Charlie Sheen and again in 2012 for Roseanne Barr. In 2011, she released her debut standup comedy album entitled Cutting, and then another stand-up comedy special in the following year entitled Mostly Sex Stuff.

Following the commercial success of these ventures, Schumer began creating a sketch comedy series in 2012 for Comedy Central, interested in creating her own comedy television series. The original design for the show featured images of Schumer playing more elaborate and intensified versions of herself that served to demonstrate the more outlandish aspects of her personality for audiences in an open manner. These versions of Schumer are tied together through the use of footage from her previous standup routines. The original running title of the show was “Amy Schumer”, but was later changed to Inside Amy Schumer, instead.

As of April 2015, the series has completed two seasons, with the third season premiering on April 21st, 2015 and a fourth season ordered to be created. The series has been rated highly on several online rating sites, including IMDb (7.3/10), (7.6/10) and Rotten Tomatoes which has given the series a 100% approval rating. Critics commented on the third season, applauding the series as, “edgy and thought-provoking.”


Schumer’s latest project was the 2015 summer rom-com Trainwreck, for which she both wrote and starred. In typical Schumer style, the film tells the awkward struggle of a young woman (played by Schumer) who must come to terms with her life choices and the age old question of conformity. Since its release, the film has received positive reviews from critics and audience members alike.  Rotten Tomatoes not only rated the series highly, but gave the film a “Certified Fresh” badge of honor, one reserved for only the best of the best in terms of films. The critical consensus for Schumer’s film was that “Trainwreck drags commitment out of all but the most rom-com-phobic filmgoers with sharp humor, relatable characters, and hilarious work from Amy Schumer.”

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