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Click here to jump to the AT&T Internet Prices section. AT&T provides high speed Internet that is reliable and operates on an advanced digital network. When you have high speed Internet on such a level it liberates you in what you are able to do online. Unlimited Internet is at your fingertips. It’s the reason why AT&T is the nation’s most popular Internet service provider!

You can do anything from stream videos, to playing your favorite games, making large downloads, and so much more. AT&T Internet can support whatever you need or want to do online. They have speeds up to 100 MBPS for those who want the works. If you don't need or want to use so much speed you can always get whatever is best for you. Speeds vary depending on the package you select, but you are always getting faster speeds than with DSL Internet.

AT&T Internet Plans Are you thinking of signing up for one of the AT&T Internet Plans? Not only are all of the options in your hands and you can find a plan perfect for you but you will also be able to access the entire National AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network for free. This access will enable you to stay connected even when you are not at home, regardless of where you are. This is a perk that not all cable Internet providers can provide, and one more good reason to select AT&T Internet.

AT&T genuinely cares about their customers, which is why they provide expert technological support. Through Support Plus you will be able to get the help you need whenever the need calls, with their 24/7 help desk. Support Plus allows you to ask your questions and communicate both through the phone and through chat support.

If you have any issues with viruses, malware, wireless home networking, or computer performance, you can get your issues quickly and easily resolved. This service can eliminate the unnecessary stress from your life which these problems can bring with them. AT&T has all of your bases covered so you really don't have to worry. AT&T High Speed Internet Offers This isn't even the only way that AT&T is working to keep you protected and covered, however. They provide you with a number of useful features and tools that you can use to protect yourself and your family as part of the AT&T Internet security suite.

Some of these tools in the Internet security suite include email anti-virus, two-way firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, McAfee SiteAdvisor, address guard, pop-up catcher, spam guard, and of course parental controls.

All of these resources for Internet security can be tapped into for your safety. That means AT&T Internet security gives you the peace of mind that you want and need.

A Wireless Gateway Modem is also provided by AT&T for residential customers. This AT&T WiFi gateway will tie your network together and, of course, it also gives you a home Wi-Fi Internet connection.

Your U-verse TV and Internet are linked together through the Wireless Gateway Modem so that you can enjoy optimal entertainment. You can watch TV, keep in touch with sports scores, customize data, check out stocks, and much more with your Wi-Fi gateway.

AT&T Internet SavingsThe good news for residential customers is that AT&T is constantly looking for ways to boost AT&T Internet speeds. With the rollout of the fiber Internet, for example, Internet from AT&T becomes even faster. Think of AT&T high-speed Internet as your on-ramp to the high-speed Internet superhighway!

AT&T also offers the ability to get a data plan that matches your level of Internet use. Different Internet bundles enable you to avoid a data cap, opening up unlimited data allowances for you. This really frees you up to do whatever you want to do online. Home Internet will never be the same when you have unlimited data and a speed range close to 100 MBPS.

If you are really looking to save money on your monthly Internet use, there are plenty of AT&T Internet deals that help you lock in the best possible price. Of course, some deals may not be available in your specific geographic area, so always check service availability.

And, when you bundle AT&T Internet with other services such as DIRECTV and home phone service, you can really save more. These double plays (2 services bundled together) and triple plays (3 services bundled together) are a great way to combine the best of both worlds: the fastest possible Internet service at the most affordable prices. So when choosing your plan, always consider the bundle!

AT&T Internet Specials

Choose Your AT&T Internet Plan

  • Internet Basic 3 - Starting at $30
    At the most basic level the Basic 3 plan is available. This plan is ideal for those who do not spend a lot of time online and only want the basics covered. You will get a download speed up to 3 MBPS and be able to shop online, send emails and instant messages, as well as use social media.
  • Internet Basic 6 - Starting at $30
    With this plan you get a little better speed, up to 45 MBPS. If your household has multiple internet users this plan can handle it. You will be able to play games online and stream videos and music as well as keep in touch with people.
  • Internet 12 - Starting at $40
    You will be able to support three or more Internet users with this plan, which is wonderful for the small family. With the Internet 12 plan you will have download speeds up to 12 MBPS. You will also be able to download large files with speed and efficiency, stream video in HD, and game online.
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  • Internet 18 - Starting at $40
    With downstream speeds up to 18 MBPS you will be able to do virtually anything online trouble-free. Of course this plan also allows you to have mutliple internet users, game online, stream HD videos and movies, and you can even download large files and movies in mere seconds.
  • Internet 24 - Starting at $40
    The Internet 24 plan is one of the best deals that AT&T offers. You will get zippy download speeds up to 24 MBPS. Do you use a lot of different devices online at the same time—like your smartphone, tablet, laptop and others? If you do then this plan will be perfect for you. Even with multiple users you can enjoy fast, reliable Internet speeds, online gaming, and downloading and streaming movies and TV in HD. You can also set up your home office and stream content with this versatile plan.
AT&T Internet Plans and Prices
  • Internet 45 - Starting at $50
    If you want it all, then AT&T's Internet 45 plan is perfect. You will have download speeds up to 45 MBPS. With this plan you will be able to stream content on multiple devices, game online with other users, connect all devices simultaneously, and download large files in seconds.

    Multiple users can download content with this plan and it can also be used for a home office. You will have the perfect home entertainment with U-verse Power.

    Your search has come to an end! AT&T Internet is the way to go. Check out all the AT&T bundled packages right now or call the toll free number now for details - 1-877-224-0698.

AT&T Internet Plans & Prices Dec 2017

1. Internet Basic 3 Download speeds of 3 MBPS; ideal for those who don't spend much time online! Starts at $30/mo
2. Internet Basic 6 Download speeds of up to 45 MBPS; perfect for houses with a few internet users who enjoy streaming videos and music. Starts at $30/mo
3. Internet 12 Download speeds up to 45 MBPS; download large files with speed and efficiency, stream video in HD, and game online. Starts at $40/mo
4. Internet 18 Download speeds up to 45 MBPS; great for mutliple internet users to game online, stream HD videos and movies, and you can even download large files and movies in mere seconds. Starts at $40/mo
5. Internet 24 Download speeds up to 45 MBPS; perfect for a home or office with multiple internet users using multiple devices at once!  Starts at $40/mo
6. Internet 45 Download speeds up to 45 MBPS; With this plan you will be able to stream content on multiple devices, game online with other users, connect all devices simultaneously, and download large files in seconds. You will also receive access to U-verse Power! Starts at $50/mo

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