Quick Guide to AT&T U-verse Packages!

AT&T Bundle SavingsIn just the past two years, AT&T has become a very important player in the way that consumers across the U.S. receive their TV, Internet and home phone service. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing wading through all the offers and promotions (especially from companies that have been recently acquired by AT&T), so here’s a quick guide to what you need to know about the most popular AT&T U-verse plans.

U-Verse TV and AT&T plans for TV viewers

If you enjoy watching the very best in TV entertainment, you have two very appealing options from AT&T: U-Verse TV and DIRECTV. Each of these represents a different way of getting TV entertainment into your home: U-Verse TV is delivered via an advanced fiber optic network, while DIRECTV is a satellite TV service. You can think of DIRECTV as the classic, flagship TV service, while U-Verse is still a relatively new TV service that is not yet available in all geographic regions. Let’s first consider U-Verse TV. Right now, U-Verse TV (formerly known as AT&T U-Verse TV) offers three primary plan tiers:
  • U-Family ($50/month)
  • U200 ($70/month)
  • U450 ($125/month)
AT&T Package Deals The most popular of these price tiers is the very affordable U-Family plan, which starts at just $50 per month. With the U-Family plan, you get over 200 HD channels. In addition, AT&T is running a special promotion now where you receive two premium movie channels - HBO and Cinemax - for 3 months at no extra cost.

Thus, if you’ve been dying to catch up on “Game of Thrones” on HBO, this could be a great reason to sign up for AT&T U-Verse! You also get access to the Total Home DVR, which enables you to record 4 shows at any time with your DVR.

When you upgrade to the U200 plan, the number of channels that you get access to really becomes impressive. Here, you get over 360 channels. The other features from the U-Family plan – the HD DVR and the free premium movie channels – are also included here.

If you’re looking for extra sports, entertainment and movies, this is the better package to order because you get 160 more channels than with the U-Family plan.

AT&T TV Savings Next, there is the U450 plan. This plan now includes more than 550 channels. It also includes all the popular premium movie channels: HBO, STARZ, Showtime and Encore. And, of course, you get the Total Home HD DVR and the ability to record in up to 4 different rooms of your home at one time.

One particularly cool feature of U-Verse TV is being able to watch content on all your mobile devices, including phone, computer or tablet. Thus, you don’t have to watch TV content only on your TV. In short, U-Verse TV makes your TV content much more portable.

Also, you’ve absolutely got to look out for all the amazing bundle offers from AT&T U-Verse. Right now, AT&T is running a promotion where you can get a fantastic rate of $80 per month if you bundle U-Verse TV with any qualifying AT&T service (such as AT&T Internet and AT&T Home Phone). To get this special pricing, however, you need to lock in your price for 24 months.

DIRECTV and AT&T plans for TV viewers

Directv Package OffersIt’s important to point out that DIRECTV (traditional satellite TV) is different from U-Verse TV in terms of how the content is delivered, but not in the actual content. If you are watching HBO on DIRECTV, it will be the same HBO that you would be watching on U-Verse TV.

Right now, AT&T is running special promotions for both of these amazing services, so it’s always best to do a side-by-comparison to see how they stack up. Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in DIRECTV.

Just check out all the features that you can get with DIRECTV:
  • Premium channels (including HBO, Showtime, STARZ and Cinemax) at no extra cost for the first three months
  • NFL Sunday Ticket (now included at no extra cost with the CHOICE package and above)
  • Genie DVR service for up to 4 rooms
AT&T TV Pack DealsAnd, if you check out the pricing for DIRECTV, you can see that the price savings can be pretty incredible. Right now, you can get DIRECTV starting at just $25 per month. The regular price is $50 per month, but you’re getting the extra $25 cost savings. That’s a huge 50% cost savings!

And there are two amazing features of DIRECTV that people are talking about now. The first is 72 Hour Review, which lets you stream shows that have aired in the past 72 hours. For example, say that your favorite TV sitcom is on every Thursday night. But some of these nights you have other family or work commitments. So no worries – you can just watch the show on Friday instead. You have a 72-hour window to watch.

The second feature is Restart, which lets you restart a live show. How cool is that? You’re timeshifting “live” TV and turning it into on-demand TV! For example, let’s say that you had to work late one night and got home a lot later than expected.

Ordinarily, that would mean that you missed the beginning of your favorite prime time TV show. But guess what? You could just hit the “Restart” button, and you’d be able to watch this show just the way you always do.

What’s really cool about DIRECTV is that you also get access to over 10,000 on-demand titles (TV shows and movies), which makes it very possible to binge-watch whenever you want. So, you really have a choice of whether you want to watch live, linear TV or choose from one of the amazing options in the on-demand library.

AT&T and Directv TV DealsIt’s easy to search for exactly what you want to watch and then watch it on your family TV. With 10,000 films and shows, you’re sure to find something for everyone in your family! There are dramas, comedies, documentaries, thrillers and kid’s programming – it doesn’t matter how diverse your family’s tastes are, there’s always something there for them to watch.

With DIRECTV, it’s also possible to customize your entertainment. Just like you would with other streaming services, you can create different types of custom bundles. For example, you have a choice of add-on networks and packages in areas like sports and foreign language programming.

Some of the strongest offerings from DIRECTV involve sports. In short, NFL SUNDAY TICKET is just the beginning of some amazing sports content that you can watch from all the major professional sports leagues.

AT&T Internet and AT&T plans for Internet users

Now that we’ve covered the basic plans available for TV viewers, what about all the amazing options that AT&T has created for Internet users? AT&T offers three different plans for Internet users, each with a specified minimum speed:
  • 50 Mbps Plan
  • 75 Mbps Plan
  • 100 Mbps Plan
AT&T Internet Plan DealsIt’s really a matter of determining how often you use the Internet in your home. For example, if you plan to stream content from the Internet to multiple devices (not just your home PC or laptop), then the best option is the 50 Mbps plan. This is really the base option, and the one that AT&T always mentions in its online promotions.

However, what if you really enjoy streaming movies and often binge-watch your favorite TV shows? In that case, you’d want to opt for the 75 Mbps plan. And if you are a very serious gamer and often stream HD movies, then you might want to consider the 100 Mbps plan. With these speeds, you’ll be able to surf the Internet incredibly fast, download music and video, and have a very smooth streaming experience.

Right now, AT&T is offering two very attractive deals for Internet users:
  • $40/month for Internet alone
  • $80/month for both Internet and DIRECTV
In addition, if you place your order online, AT&T will give you a $50 Visa Reward card. So you’re saving $50 before you even visit your first website on the Internet!

AT&T Internet OffersYou can see at a glance why the $80 bundled price is such an attractive offer. You’re getting DIRECTV and Internet for a lower price than if you ordered them both separately. For example, right now if you order the DIRECTV SELECT plan, you’d pay $50 per month for satellite TV.

Combine that with the $40 per month for Internet, and you’d be paying at least $90. But AT&T is giving you both for just $80 per month! (Plus, don’t forget about that free $50 Visa card)

There are so many great features of AT&T Home Internet that delivers way more than $40 per month in value. First of all, you get a promise of 99% reliability. This is the most reliable high-speed Internet service you going to find.

And you get the following three features:
  • Free Wi-Fi home router
  • AT&T Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee
  • #1 rated customer satisfaction
With the Wi-Fi home router, you are able to get Internet service throughout your entire home. And with the special security suite from the internationally renowned McAfee, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your home browsing activity is always safe and secure.

AT&T Home Phone and AT&T plans for home phone users

AT&T Home Phone PlansWhen you think of AT&T, you probably think first and foremost of AT&T phone service. Many people grew up thinking of AT&T as their trusted home phone provider. So it’s no surprise that AT&T has continued to create some pretty amazing home phone packages.

Right now, AT&T offers three different types of home phone service:
  • AT&T Phone (formerly known as U-Verse Voice)
  • GoPhone Wireless Home Phone
  • Traditional home phone (flat-rate service, unlimited local calling)
The package you choose is really based on how you would like to get phone service. AT&T Phone is a digital phone service that allows you to make calls over the Internet. The GoPhone Wireless service works over a wireless network, and is designed as a low-cost alternative. Right now, it’s $20 per month, but completely FREE if you sign up for another qualifying plan and agree to a 2-year contract. And the traditional phone service works over telephone lines.

Whichever service you choose, you get 25 convenient calling features. In addition, you get access to features like AT&T World Connect Value, which enables you to make calls around the world at much lower rates.

There are two special offers that AT&T has for customers:
  • $60/month for Internet and Home Phone
  • $99.99/month for Internet + Home Phone + DIRECTV
If you sign up online, you also have the opportunity to receive a $50 Visa Reward card.

Bundles and your AT&T plan

AT&T TV, Internet, and Phone BundlesAs you can probably tell, it almost always makes sense to bundle your AT&T services. You can order TV, Internet or Home Phone as separate services, of course, but the pricing is just so much more attractive if you combine 2 or more services at one time. AT&T is always thinking up new and convenient pricing plans, but right now, these are the primary pricing plans that you should keep in mind:
  • $40/month for Internet
  • $50/month for DIRECTV
  • $60/month for Internet + Home Phone
  • $80/month for Internet + DIRECTV
  • $99.99/month for Internet + DIRECTV + Home Phone
At a glance, you can see why it makes so much sense to bundle. Whether you are combining Internet and DIRECTV, or Internet and Home Phone, or Internet and DIRECTV and Home Phone, you are always saving more money, the more services that you bundle.

So it’s definitely worth the time and effort to find the best possible deal. Just remember – always check to see if you can save even more than you thought possible by considering a very convenient AT&T U-verse bundle!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to order a new AT&T plan today! To order an AT&T U-verse package or find out more details, call now.