Bruce Jenner now Caitlyn Jenner


How Bruce Jenner Evolved Into Caitlyn Jenner

Born William Bruce Jenner in 1949, Caitlyn has recently made a groundbreaking announcement. For the past couple years, many of her fans have noticed an change in her appearance. Before making the announcement that she wanted to be called Caitlyn now instead of Bruce, she revealed in interviews that she had already begun dressing as a woman and would often go out in public. She said no one would recognize her, but she felt like her true self and was freed emotionally when she was able to dress like she felt she should.

Caitlyn got her start with Olympic success in the early 70s. She earned many awards for her amazing athletic achievements. She set many records (breaking most all of them herself) and has also become a successful actress.

In 1980, she was inducted into the United States Track & Field Hall of Fame along with receiving rewards like James E. Sullivan award in the mid-70s. She holds titles from multiple publications and is considered an American hero in the world of athletics.

In recent interviews, she revealed that she has always felt uncomfortable in her skin and began taking female hormone supplements early-on. Back when she was known for her athleticism, many statements were made about Bruce’s increasing feminine appearance. While Caitlyn admitted that she stopped taking them for some time due to some people downing her efforts, she revealed she started taking them again a little bit ago.

In the 80s, propelled by her athletic fame, she appeared on Wheaties’s cereal before moving into the field of acting. In 2007 she got her big hit with the TV reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s.

During the 80s, Caitlyn also began auto racing with moderate success, but her fame still sprouts from her amazing career in athletics and her record-setting Olympic run.

Caitlyn has also experienced some success in the world of business. During the 80s she licensed her name Bruce Jenner to be used for athletic centers, and soon made JennerNet and Jenner Aviation, which licensed aircrafts and supplies to companies.

Caitlyn’s gender transition began early-on, but she didn’t go public until a few years ago. While the media has often focused on her increasing feminine appearance over her career, it wasn’t until a few years ago that she revealed her feelings. It was only in April of this year that Caitlyn finally came out about her life’s struggles and the hard times she faced regarding her gender.

During an interview on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer  Caitlyn told all. She began by revealing her use of feminine hormones early in her career, and admitted that she stopped using them for some time before beginning again recently. Caitlyn also talked about her wardrobe of female clothing and how she often dressed up and went out in public.

Caitlyn said no one ever recognized her when she was dressed as a woman, but she said that’s when she finally felt comfortable in her own skin. Caitlyn said her family has been rather accepting of the matter, with her daughter Kim encouraging her to be herself.

Many of Caitlyn’s fans have been supporting her all along. Since the announcement was given, Caitlyn has experience a wealth of support from her followers, but there has also been some negativity circulating around her desire to be called Caitlyn.

While it’s been a tough process for her, Caitlyn said this is the first time in her life she has ever been able to go out in public and simply enjoy feeling like herself. Even though it’s been attracting much attention, Caitlyn said she’s felt more free than ever before, and is enjoying the transition into her true self.

The Vanity Fair issue of “Call me Caitlyn” was one of the best-selling editions ever released, and it started the debate of millions. With the majority of readers supporting her entirely in her efforts to be herself, there have been some who have called it “inappropriate” and say she should have kept it private. Caitlyn has yet to respond to these remarks, but her fans have stepped up to defend her, saying she deserves to be who she feels she needs to be.

Having suffered since youth with her gender, Caitlyn’s fans say they are thrilled she is finally comfortable in her own skin, and her family feels the same. Caitlyn, as she told Diane on 20/20, says she was always jealous of the women she saw, saying she always wanted to be happy with herself, just as they were, and now she finally can be. 

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