Don’t Buy Any DIRECTV Packages Until You Read This!

DIRECTV packages

If you are thinking about getting a new television provider you should check out the amazing services and deals that DIRECTV will bring to you. Recently DIRECTV was bought by AT&T and this means that you can enjoy the great benefit of using both of these wonderful providers.

If you want more than just television you can bundle Internet and phone services to save a significant amount of money. Both providers are industry leaders and they have both earned outstanding reputations.

With DIRECTV packages you can get all of your favorite programs, plus you can enjoy it all on virtually any device that you own. Through DIRECTV you will be able to play your DVR recordings, access On Demand content, and watch live TV.

Aside from this, you will be able to use and enjoy a variety of other streamlined features that make your entertainment experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

With DIRECTV you will be able to watch live TV. Whether you are inside or outside of your house you can watch your favorite channels, and you can enjoy them live. That lineup of channels includes:

And you can find exactly what you want to watch very easily with a simple, easy-to-use channel guide. Whether it's on your television set, your phone, or your tablet, you will get to enjoy as much of your entertainment as you want—no matter the time or place.


Even better, DIRECTV gives you plenty of options to customize your viewing experience. For example, DIRECTV offers a number of different international packages, entertainment packages, premium packages and sports packages. The international packages are great if you are still trying to keep up with news and shows from a foreign country.

One place where DIRECTV really stands out is the range and scope of its sports coverage. Do you love watching regional sports and your favorite local sports team? No worries, because DIRECTV offers plenty of extra sports channels.

It doesn’t matter which sports you enjoy following – football, baseball, basketball, hockey or tennis – because DIRECTV sports has an option for you.

And, if you’re looking for the perfect entertainment package, DIRECTV has you covered as well. DIRECTV can give you the best possible pricing for premium networks like HBO, Cinemax and Showtime. If you’ve been looking forward to catching up with “Game of Thrones” on HBO, this is your chance!

DIRECTV is the home entertainment leader, giving you unmatched flexibility in putting together the ultimate package that fits your viewing needs. While there are plenty of channels included in the basic DIRECTV packages, there’s always the option to add the one news channel or the one sports channel that will round out all of your TV viewing options.

Residential customers who have busy work days and even busier weekends will have the peace of mind of knowing that they can enjoy On Demand movies 24/7.

Through DIRECTV, you will be able to enjoy Pay Per View releases showcasing completely unique sports and entDon't forget that with DIRECTV you will also be able to get access to some of the best content on On Demand. Enjoy thousands of the best big-screen Hollywood hits as well as titles from some of the most popular networks on television, like ESPN, AMC, Cinemax, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and HBO.ertainment experiences on a regular basis. Whether it’s a boxing match, a wrestling event or an exclusive concert performance, it’s all available to order with DIRECTV.

DIRECTV entire home dvr

One of the most important features that you will have through DIRECTV is an outstanding HD DVR. This Genie HD DVR will open the door to thousands of different movie titles all at your fingertips.

No matter where you are, you can watch DIRECTV, and enjoy even the most recent movie releases. As long as you have your phone, tablet, or laptop, it doesn't matter where you are. With your HD DVR, you will be able to enjoy a massive amount of On Demand content instantly. Aside from the classic hits, you will have access to new releases too. And who doesn’t enjoy watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters as soon as they are available?

When talking about DIRECTV packages, it is impossible to forget to include the Genie Whole-Home DVR service that you will get. All television sets in the house will be able to connect right to the Genie HD DVR.

That means that if you want to watch something you've already recorded from any room—even if your DVR is in one room and you are in a different room, like your bedroom.

In the same way you can begin watching a recorded program in one room, pause it, then move to a different room to finish it. This is great if you want to move from the couch to your bed. All you have to do is stop the movie or show, then once you are situated you go to your DVR playlist and simply resume it.

You can even manage your DVR from any room in your house, meaning you can delete and record shows anywhere. This makes for great flexibility and accessibility.

With On Demand you can watch a vast number of titles including hot blockbusters and popular television shows. They are there to watch on your own schedule. Another great feature of DIRECTV satellite TV is the fact that they allow you to restart shows from the very start if you are too late.

DIRECTV auto record next episodeThis feature, which is completely free, is cleverly named “Restart.” When you are on the On-Screen guide all you have to do is click on the circular arrow beside the title of the show.

In the case that you forget to record something on your HD DVR you can still watch your show as long as it aired within the past 72 hours —it's great to have a security net for such situations. All you have to do is click on the (+) icon which is located next to the channel number when you are looking at the On-Screen guide.

Whenever you watch an episode of any show DIRECTV will automatically set up the next episode next on your deck. No matter what order you may have recorded the episodes and seasons, they will all be organized chronologically.
There is a fun feature called All Seasons which allows you to record and arrange every season by episode number. Even if the episodes air on separate networks this feature will record them all. It is also perfect for binge watching because the next episode will start playing automatically after the one you just watched.

You will be able to enjoy Blu-ray quality with DIRECTV and the biggest most popular hits will be brought to you almost a whole month before they're released on Netflix.

That’s an important feature that really helps to differentiate DIRECTV from the competition. New movies appear every week. You will have access to documentaries, romance, drama, comedy, both new hits and your favorite classics. There is no extra charge. DIRECTV is completely dedicated to giving you the very best available when it comes to television entertainment.

DIRECTV always takes things to the next level and you will also be able to enjoy a range of cool advanced features, including interactive TV apps—on top of a number of others.

You can get sports scores that are up-to-the-minute merely by pressing a single button. You can also find out what's trending on television, track fantasy leagues, and even check the weather.

DIRECTV Packages & Prices

DIRECTV programming packages

• DIRECTV SELECT - $50 per month Plus Taxes. For 12 mo. $90/mo. in mos. 13-24 (Subject to change).

This fairly basic package still gives you access to 145 channels. The list includes many popular channels, like TBS, CNN, BBC America, Disney, and many others. It is the lowest priced package.

• DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT - $55 per month Plus Taxes. For 12 mo. $101/mo. in mos. 13-24 (Subject to change).

The next package tier is called DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT. You will get more than 150 channels. If you want just a little more than DIRECTV SELECT, DIRECT Entertainment could be just right.

• DIRECTV CHOICE - $60 per month Plus Taxes. For 12 mo. $115/mo. in mos. 13-24 (Subject to change).

This is a fantastic option for sports lovers and it offers you up to 175 channels. It has the exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket and NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) so that you can always stay on top of the excitement. There are also the other popular entertainment programs, too, and even movie channels. Enjoy Lifetime Movie Channel as well as specific niche content.

• DIRECTV XTRA - $70 per month Plus Taxes. For 12 mo. $124/mo. in mos. 13-24 (Subject to change).

DIRECTV PREMIER package With DIRECTV XTRA you will get access to 220 different channels. This range includes the majority of niche channels and popular programs on television, such as Nat Geo Wild, DIY Network, FXX Oxygen, Fox Sports, and more.

• DIRECTV ULTIMATE - $75 per month Plus Taxes. For 12 mo. $134/mo. in mos. 13-24 (Subject to change).

Are you interested in specialty channels? This package will give them to you. It features networks like IFC, Encore, Fox Business, and many others. Of course you will also be able to enjoy all of the regular entertainment channels too.

• DIRECTV PREMIER - $125 per month Plus Taxes. For 12 mo. $187/mo. in mos. 13-24 (Subject to change).

If you want it all you should probably go for DIRECTV PREMIER. This premier package has a channel lineup of 315 networks, so you should be completely satisfied with your channel selection. It even includes premium channels like Starz, Cinemax, Showtime, and HBO.

There are countless many reasons to choose DIRECTV. With the number of features and capabilities they offer, you will have the easiest and most enjoyable time watching television that you have ever had.

Don't forget that you can double or triple bundle with DIRECTV and AT&T, meaning you can get TV, phone, and Internet all in one plan. The triple plays are a great way to save as much as possible. So what are you waiting for? Call now to learn more about DIRECTV bundles!