Guide to DIRECTV Sports Packages

Directv Sports Packages

No matter what team you follow or what sports you love to watch, DIRECTV has you covered. DIRECTV offers a fantastic mix of college, professional and international sports action. As a DIRECTV subscriber, you already enjoy sorts networks like ESPN as part of your basic package.

But what if you’re a super sports fan? You’re in luck because DIRECTV has a phenomenal mix of different premium packages that are perfect for fans of just about any sport you could imagine.

DIRECTV Sports Pack: All the sports you can watch

The starting point for enhanced DIRECTV sports coverage is the DIRECTV Sports Pack. With this package, you get access to 35+ sports-only channels that simply aren’t available with a basic DIRECTV package. You pay only $13.99 per month for the following unbelievable mix of sports content:

Directv Sports Deals

Those 30+ regional sports networks are the secret to unlocking amazing sports action from across the nation. If you would like access to out-of-market games featuring your favorite college and pro sports teams, you need to get the DIRECTV Sports Pack. Just check out some of the regional sports networks you will get access to:

If you grew up as a big Ohio State fan, you’ll love Fox Sports Ohio. And if you’re a fan of college sports teams in California, you’ll love Fox Sports West. These networks are great for watching your favorite college team.

Direct Sports Channels

But that’s not all -- you also get the following channels to watch the very best in college sports:

Ok, and what if you’re a fan of hard-hitting MLB baseball action? Well, you’re in luck because you also get access to MLB Network Strike Zone, which is an enhanced offering of MLB Network. With MLB Network Strike Zone, you get access to cut-ins and up-to-the-minute game highlights every Tuesday and Friday of the baseball season.

Directv Sports Offers

And it’s all commercial-free! This is great if you’re a diehard baseball fan and would like to keep up with all the scores, stats and updates that make MLB baseball so much fun to watch!

Or, how about international soccer? Within the U.S., there’s a rapidly growing audience of soccer fans who enjoy watching fast-paced soccer action from around the globe, and especially action from Europe and South America.

That’s why the DIRECTV Sports Pack includes networks like beIN SPORT, Univision Deportes and FOX Soccer Channel. These channels give you access to soccer action from around the world, as well as pre-game and post-game commentary.

DIRECTV: Unbelievable professionals sports coverage

Direct Sports Pack

Where DIRECTV really excels is in offering you the very best professional sports action, and that includes the following:

These are all specialized offerings that let you hone in on a specific sport, such as football (NFL Sunday Ticket), baseball (MLB Extra Innings), basketball (NBA League Pass) and hockey (NHL Center Ice). In addition, there are specialized offerings for soccer, golf and tennis.

Directv MLB

To give you an idea of the scope of coverage you can look forward to with these offerings, you get up to 100 out-of-market games per week with MLB Extra Innings. That’s just huge.

You might be a New York Yankees fan living in the Big Apple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch ballgames from Texas, Chicago or San Francisco! 100 out-of-market games is almost 15 games a day!

You also get access to pay-per-view (PPV) events, such as highly anticipated boxing matches and wrestling events. You never know when there’s going to be the “fight of the century,” and it’s good to be prepared so that you can invite your friends over to your house to watch.

NFL Sunday Ticket

Directv Football Package

One exclusive offering that is unique to DIRECTV is NFL SUNDAY TICKET. This gives you access to every live out-of-market game on Sunday during the entire NFL season. You can watch all the action on your TV, laptop, tablet, phone or game console.

And, if you become a subscriber to NFL SUNDAY TICKET Max, you also get two amazing other offerings:

Let’s take a walk through all these offerings that are designed with the professional football fan in mind. First off, NFL SUNDAY TICKET is more than just a channel on TV, it’s more of an experience that you can enjoy across a broad array of digital devices.

With the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app, for example, you can stream any out-of-market Sunday game live on your tablet or other digital device. You can also track your fantasy league, keep up with your favorite players, get highlight alerts, and have access to everything with just a single tap on your tablet.

Directv NFL Packages

Moreover, you can use your digital device and TV in tandem. For example, you can even tune your TV to the game playing on your tablet with just a single swipe. And you can go from TV to tablet to TV again, without losing any of the action.

DIRECTV Fantasy Zone

Imagine a channel specifically designed for fans of fantasy football. Well, that’s exactly what DIRECTV delivers with the Fantasy Zone. This, too, is exclusive to DIRECTV and is a great way to stay up-to-date with your fantasy football players and teams.

You get plenty of in-depth analysis and statistics, as well as the ability to hear what the experts are saying about your fantasy players. This is included at no extra charge if you have NFL SUNDAY TICKET Max.


Directv Football Red Zone

The “red zone” is the most exciting part of the football field. It’s the area from the goal line to the 20-yard line, and it’s where many of the most exciting scoring plays happen. With DIRECTV Red Zone, you have a unique window into every touchdown from every game.

Imagine shuttling from NFL game to NFL game, watching only the most exciting plays. Well, that’s exactly what Red Zone delivers. It’s a great way to really amp up your NFL Sunday excitement. Best of all, you can watch on your TV or stream to your mobile device.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET advanced features

What makes NFL SUNDAY TICKET such a must-have is all the expanded functionality that brings you much deeper into the game. For example, you can watch 4 or 8 live games on a single channel, all in HD.

You’ll feel like a network producer, keeping an eye on all the action at one time, ready to cut in on the game that means the most for you. You’ll never miss another exciting play again!

Directv Sports Package Deals

Plus, you get access to a scoreboard and clock with all the live game action, letting you see at a glance which games are worth keeping an eye on. And, if you have favorite players, you can use the DIRECTV player tracker, which lets you follow and monitor stats from as many as 20 players at a time.

As part of that functionality, you also get the ability to receive “big play highlights” from any of those 20 players. You’ll always be in the loop.

And what if you can’t watch all the games on Sunday? Well, no worries, because DIRECTV has an amazing “short cuts” feature that essentially lets you condense a full, 3-hour game into just a 30-minute segment. This feature is available from Monday to Wednesday.

If you’re looking for insights for your pro football fantasy team, what could be better than watching players in action from games you might have missed? You’ll have a real edge over the competition.

DIRECTV Sports and the Genie HD DVR

Directv Sports Package Deals

As a DIRECTV subscriber, you already have access to the very innovative Genie HD DVR. You can really put the Genie to work with your expanded sports coverage. For example, you can tell Genie which sports team you want to follow, and it will find all the listings for that team.

That lets you track your favorite team, all in one place. And, if you choose, you can record any of those shows in full, glorious HD. You can’t call yourself a diehard fan until you’ve trained your Genie HD DVR to become a diehard fan also!

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Putting it all together, you can really begin to grasp the comprehensive sweep of DIRECTV sports coverage. You get plenty of the best sports channels – like ESPN - with the basic DIRECTV package.

Directv Sports Pack Specials

But you can really amp up that sports coverage with features like the DIRECTV Sports Pack (boasting an incredible 30+ regional sports networks!) and NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

If you’re a true sports fan, it’s time to explore all the amazing sports packages that DIRECTV offers. Whatever team you love to follow, or whatever sport is your favorite, DIRECTV has a sports-related offering that has been designed with you in mind.

It’s time to join the DIRECTV team. Cut the cable TV cord today! DIRECTV is the undisputed leader in sports. Get all your favorite sports - collegiate sports, major leagues, and everything else you want! So what are you waiting for? Call today to find out how you can make the most of all the great DIRECTV sports action!